Apple Pie

By Richard Hinkle

Inspired by creations by Edith West and Marie Porter.

Design is 8 rows, 29 cells.

Note: Full size picture is the last full page of this document.

Begin design:

Row 1: space 15 times, S [234].

Row 2: space 12 times, IN [35], colon [25], EN [26], O [135], colon [25], EN [26].

Row 3: space 8 times, IN [35], C [14], EN [26], A [1], space 6 times, dot 4, IN [35], C [14], EN [26].

Row 4: space 3 times, IN [35], colon [25], hyphen [36], IN [35], A [1], space 2 times, dots 456, space 8 times, L [123], space 2 times, dot 4, EN [26], hyphen [36], colon [25], EN [26].

Row 5: space 1 time, IN [35], I [24], space 7 times, dot 4, dot 3, space 6 times, dot 6, A [1], space 7 times, E [15], EN [26].

Row 6: space 1 time, E [15], hyphen [36], IN [35], hyphen [36], EN [26], IN [35], hyphen [36], EN [26], IN [35], hyphen [36], space 1 time, E [15], hyphen [36], IN [35], EN [26], hyphen [36], I [24], space 1 time, hyphen [36], EN [26], IN [35], hyphen [36], EN [26], IN [35], hyphen [36], EN [26], hyphen [36], I [24].

Row 7: space 2 times, dot 4, ER [12456], full cell 22 times, Q [12345], A [1].

Row 8: space 4 times, D [145], G [1245] twenty times, F [124].

End Design.

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Drawing notes:

The pie is a seven inch pie with top crust, except for the Granny Smith apple which sticks out of the center. Row 6 is the fancy curled edge of the pie, where the crusts are pinched together. This is the part you do not eat when the crust is too hard, or eat first when it is a nice flaky crust and there is ice cream to go with the pie.

Fun facts:

Granny Smith apples tend to be the most commonly used and commonly loved apple for apple pies, though some people prefer to cut the tartness with a sweeter variety. Another very popular option for apple pies is the Golden Delicious variety, with its firm white flesh and sweet crispy flavor. It is a great all-purpose apple, meaning it works just great when baked, as it will not break down and it keeps its flavor. Bonus, with its tender skin, you can often go without peeling it!

According to Melissa Blevins for “Today I Found Out”, the early colonists of Jamestown brought European apple tree cuttings and seeds with them. The only native apple in North America was the crab apple, and the colonists found its tiny fruit “a poor substitute for Malus domestica.”

But the apple pie is not a uniquely American dish either, Upton writes. “In fact, the first recorded recipe for apple pie was written in 1381 in England, and called for figs, raisins, pears, and saffron in addition to apples,” she writes.

A Blue Spruce tree with Christmas lights--all  drawn using braille dots.

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