1. If I have no braille skills
  2. If I have no braille writer
  3. If I have no slate and stylus
  4. If I have only regular paper
  5. If I have no braille paper
  6. If I want to read a pattern
  7. If I want to ask a question
  8. If I want an MS Word version of a pattern
  9. If I have a pattern to share

A top view of an airplane.

Can I draw your pictures if I don’t know the braille code?

Yes. We give you the dot combinations in BRACKETS. More detailed instructions are available on our site.

If you want to understand how to use a braille slate and stylus in more detail, I have two resources for you: a video produced by, and a large-print book for sale from

The American Foundation for the Blind video (

The large-print book from National Braille Press ( titled Braille for the Sighted.

A four-string banjo.

Do I need a braille writer to draw your pictures?

No. All of our pictures can be drawn with a slate and stylus.

Our widest picture uses thirty cells, and our longest picture requires twenty-three lines. Some patterns available on other web sites are designed for the wider paper which braille writers can accommodate.

Where can I buy a slate and stylus?

Many companies sell braille slates and styluses. Two that I recommend are the American Printing House for the blind ( and National Braille Press (

A pig.

Do I have to use braille paper?

No. You can use card stock and heavier weight paper available from your local office supply store. Paper under 28 pounds will not hold the dots well. My top picks for twenty-eight pound paper come from Staples and HP .

A tambourine.

If I want to buy braille paper, where can I purchase it?

Many companies sell braille paper. My top pick is The American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky ( Their prices are fair, their paper is good quality, their customer service is great, and they have a choice of sizes and weights.

A clown fish.

How do I read your patterns?

Please visit : reading a pattern .

A wooly sheep.

How do I ask a question?

Use the contact form to get in touch. Remember, we are volunteers, so it might take a day or two to get back to you, but we will do our best.

A ladybug.

Can you send me an MS Word copy of a pattern?


An open law book.

Do you accept patterns from other people?

Yes. Please paste the instructions for your pattern in the message area of the contact form. Unfortunately, we cannot accept file attachments.
We will contact you before any material is shared. Your drawing must be original.

A menorah.